Peyroche has been welcoming campers for over 50 years, primarily due to the beauty and coolness of the BAUME river and its beaches, the nearest of which is Pont de Baume just 300 metres from the campsite. Along the gorges of the BAUME, between Peyroche and the  village LABEAUME several beaches enable children and adults to enjoy bathing in our Cevennes river..The more adventurous among you can jump off the rocks, including the highest ones over 10 metres high! Thrills are guaranteed! The younger ones can enjoy the refreshing river. Facing the challenge of diving from rocks 5 to 10 metres high is each person’s own responsibility and at their own risk..The Baume beaches are privately owned, we are lucky that the beach owners allow everyone access. We organise beach clean-ups in summer and we ask children and adults to help ensure clean bathing areas for holidaymakers. We would like to thank all those who, through their commitment, show concern and act with us to preserve this precious environment of which we, the people of the Ardèche, are the ambassadors.